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MSRP Price: $1575.00

Internet Price: Starts From $1095.00 ea

Sonic Enchant 20

Sonic's latest line of value-priced hearing aids.

  • SPiN Directionality - dual microphones automatically activate in response to noise sources
  • Tinnitus Sound Support - helps mask the perception of tinnitus by using a varied selection of nature or broadband sounds, based on the individual patient's preference
  • Impulse Noise Reduction - identifies and suppresses unexpected sounds to improve listening comfort

MSRP Price: $1317.00

Internet Price: $1075.00 ea

Unitron Shine Rev+

Dollar for dollar and feature for feature, this is one of the best hearing aid values on the market today. Shine comes with technology normally reserved for "premium" hearing solutions, including:

  • Speech Enhancement - automatically makes soft speech sounds easier to hear, without making loud sounds uncomfortable.
  • Anti-Shock - Instantly detects and suppresses sudden, sharp sounds, such as a door slamming, without diminishing speech sounds.
  • Directional Microphones - allows you to hear conversation more clearly in noisy situations.

MSRP Price: $1725.00

Internet Price: $1075.00 ea.

Resound Key 2

Features of Resound Key 2 include:

  • 4 adjustable gain handles
  • 4 customizable listening programs to handle your individual needs
  • Dual microphone technology and NoiseTracker noise reduction to reduce unwanted background noise
  • DFS Feedback manager
  • Manual volume control
  • Low battery indicator